Gourmet Hotel La Fornal dels Ferrers

Very close to the important, but far from everything urgent in the Alt Empordà

The hotel rural restaurant gastronòmic la Fornal dels Ferrers in Terrades a high emporda in Girona of Spain

The hotel restaurant La FornaL it's open to general public since 1981. Our cuisine is based on traditional cooking of the Alt Empordà in girona, region, but has a personal touch that extends to the whole of Catalonia of spain. The menu is based on availability of seasonal products, and is renewed every season. Hotels in coast brava.

Juan Carlos Alvarez delights the local people with a comfortable and coquettish warm restaurant with a tasty menu of exquisite starter and main courses. Our restaurant has two separate interior dining rooms, all have a fireplace. In summer, the back terrace-garden, becomes a delightful dining area in terrades of high emporda in girona in coast brava of catalonia in spain.

The walls still keep a remembrance it lives in the ancient ways of living on the hotel in high emporda in girona of catalonia in spain. it's as if the time if it had halted. With a lot of forest, and the best bread and best cherry of the Empordà. Silence, bread and cherry.


Un espacio exclusivo de descanso

The hotel restaurant La Fornal dels Ferrers à terrades goes beyond a restaurant, with hotel rooms and space Tub, La Fornal dels Ferrers becomes a unique place of rest in Gerona.

The complex consists of four exclusive suites with names of residents of time: the Heir's Room, Blacksmith's room, Chaplain's room and Womenbutler's room. An ideal place to unwind from the daily routine break.

In the garden of La Fornal is private jacuzzi tub "Flor de Sal" where two people can enjoy the hot tub and a seasonal snack break with a glass of wine in terrades of coast brava in high ampurdan Gerona.